and i don’t know what it means to be post-anything.

This morning I got an email asking if my site was still available for purchase on DVD, or if (better yet) it could be purchased for download.

The DVD is out of print, but I still have all the files, so with a bit of negotiation I agreed to put together something downloadable.

The entire site adds up to over a gig of content.

Over a gig of content is over two years of my life.

It’s also hours and hours of upload time.

This evening, Audacia Ray emailed me to say that a pitch I submitted to $pread — months ago, this was — has generated some interest, and they’d like to include the piece in their summer issue.

I installed a stats plugin tonight, and was shocked to see that people actually look at this site: people who aren’t me, even.

I guess I’m trying to say that it’s been a strange day.

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